Lebron James talented athlete! Who you won't catch very often without the shirt, that disappoints me Lebron. That's okay however as long as you give us  a little taste we will survive. For now
tand other things...
Is there a hunk that should be seen here on noshirts?   Let me know!
Mr. James McAvoy - This guy is always down to remove a item of clothing, which I really appricate. Thank you very much!
Plus he's got the steamy accent that drives the  ladies wild. He's got a great track record of shirt removal - Therefore he was NoShirts - Mr. January 2008
Mr. No Shirts Of The Past
LL Cool J. A picture is worth a thousand words and this picture says it all. Look at his abs, you can do laundry off of them. 
This mans body has always been right, keep up the good work. You are appreciated.
Dr. Drew Pinsky
This doctor is hot. Under that dress shirt and tie is a tight body. I know it, I believe it and I want to see it. So I'm asking you, Dr.Drew very kindly to remove your shirt please. Please?
Seeing him on Celebrity Rehab is such a tease, well at least it's something. 
Jason Statham. Thank you for always looking chiseled. I've never seen this man look bad. I happy to hear that he will be  coming back in The transporter 3. These movies rock my socks, never a dull moment, and he always seems to show is the chest, the abs, and sometimes the bum. 
For never having a disappointing moment, and for baring that amazing chest you are  No Shirts Mr. 2008.
So I've never seen Jersey Shore, Shame on me. But they are all I seem to hear about now, So I checked them out, and what do I find, "The Situation". We'll he looks good topless, and thats all I ask :)  So does this guy Pauly D.
I'm sorry about your loss Halle, but I had to do it. This man is too hot to stay off the market for very long, with that body. My goodness. Now this is NoShirts, and doesn't he honor that. Looking at this picture I might want to have a, "lose the towel" edition.  Gabriel Aubry, you are a gem and a treat. 
Gabriel Aubry
Mr Idris Elba, You are amazing!! Wow you are a hard one to find with the shirt. Is it because, the beauty of your body is blinding. I think that what it is. So I'm on the look out for you. I will enjoy the peek I've been given.